Hulugan Falls

Hulugan Falls, Laguna, Luzon, Philippines by Danna Peña

Hulugan Falls is a majestic paradise hidden in Laguna boasting a tall, pristine waterfall. It was opened to the public in the latter part of 2016 and has become a favorite tourist spot since then. Visiting on a weekday allowed us to have the place all to ourselves, which meant swimming for as long as we wanted to and not having to worry about photobombing people’s photographs. Fresh water, friendly locals and a rejuvenating setting, it’s a place I’m definitely putting on my travel list again to make more memories at with friends, or to simply clear my head.

A mother carrying her baby during the bus ride on the way home from Hulugan Falls, Laguna, Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines by Danna Peña

The colorful and vibrant interiors of a jeepney en route to Hulugan Falls, Laguna, Luzon, Philippines by Danna Peña

People in transit. I recently discovered that I enjoy taking photos of strangers in public transportation and how vibrant the colors of the jeepneys and buses could be. It’s amazing how taking photos makes you appreciate all these little things you usually take for granted.

A local from Hulugan Falls, Laguna who hailed a bus for us that's heading home to Cubao by Danna Peña

“Nag-enjoy naman po kayo?”

This guy struck a conversation with us and offered to hail us a jeepney on the way home. We ended up talking about how the locals took great care in preparing Hulugan Falls for the general public. During our hike, I was awestruck with how stable the pile of big rocks were, as if manually glued together. He mentioned how they barely touched the rocky paths, and how they tried their best to alter the area as little as possible. Nice little chat, chill guy.


(Made by Terence Co during his spare time so I thought I should include it! Limited footage was shot by the both of us since our gadgets died when we were just about to swim! Haha.)


View or download the PDF of our Hulugan Falls itinerary ♡


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