Sambawan Island and Kalanggaman Island


“Binay po.” My choice is Binay.

“Bakit?” Why?

“Kasi mabait po. Si Duterte, mamamatay tao.” Because he’s kind. On the other hand, Duterte is a killer.

Just wanted to share this tidbit of a conversation we had with our habal-habal driver about his political standings for the upcoming Philippine national elections, which will be held on May 9 (God bless the Philippines). As we blazed through expanses of vibrant green landscapes and vast blue skies, we nodded our heads in acknowledgement, albeit apprehensively. When it’s a beautiful day in February – and by beautiful I mean away from the suffocating city and surrounded by a rich, bucolic setting – it takes a massive effort to start an argument.

There are moments as such, when agreeing to disagree is better. To note, we saw various Binay and Duterte signs and tarpaulins around Tacloban which outnumbered the other candidates’ campaign paraphernalia, almost to an equal extent. Anyhow, it’s these brief moments in traveling that you get to know a place at a deeper level – striking conversations with locals – which I greatly cherish. Differing political standings aside, our time with our habal-habal driver (who brought us to Tinago Falls and Ulan Ulan Falls on our first day) was ephemeral but memorable. I hope I would take more notice of life’s brief moments, or rather, to ponder more often about the little things.

After spending our first day sauntering about in Ulan Ulan Falls and Tinago Falls, we headed to Sambawan Island on our second day, then Kalanggaman Island on our third. Our fourth day was spent traveling back to the airport via van, receiving delicious pasalubong from Terence’s lovely friend (thank you, Danisa! ♡) and bidding farewell to the underrated (but soon to be widely discovered, I bet) beauty that is Biliran and Leyte. Keeping it short and simple this time and letting the photos (and my detailed itinerary!) speak for themselves, so I’ll end this here. If you want to see how I spent roughly PHP 6,500 for the whole trip (yes, that includes airfare and all the food I feasted on), make sure to check out my itinerary below!

Sambawan Island



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Kalanggaman Island

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View or download the PDF of my 4D/3N Biliran & Leyte Itinerary with a below PHP 6.5k budget ♡

*Itinerary includes our first day in Ulan Ulan Falls and Tinago Falls, which I posted photos of here.


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December 16, 2016 5:45 PM

I’m a fan of your blog, I absolutely love your photos. <3 We went last summer to Kalanggaman Island too and were supposed to head next to Biliran, but that didn't happen due to time constraints. We'll be back here next summer, I hope it won't get 'widely discovered' before then. Haha.

June 24, 2016 11:50 AM

Thank you for the itinerary! PRETTY AWESOME trip. I am now following you. <3 More power!

    Danna Peña
    June 24, 2016 12:27 PM

    You’re welcome, Pam! Have an amazing time! xx